Squirting is one of the most exciting and pleasurable sexual activities that anyone can experience. It's a powerful orgasmic sensation that feels like the ultimate release of tension and pressure in your pelvic area. For many people, it brings an ecstatic state of pleasure, right alongside intense orgasms.When squirting occurs, a clear or milky-colored liquid is expelled from the urethral opening (where urine also comes out). This liquid is produced during sexual arousal and may vary in consistency and taste depending on the person. Though vaginal squirting is often associated with female ejaculation, men can also achieve this unique sensation during sexual activities like anal sex.There's lots of speculation as to what actually happens when someone squirts; however, most believe that it's caused by pressure from intense vaginal contractions or prostate stimulation. Depending on how aroused you are, it may also be possible to stimulate your G-spot until you reach orgasm and squirt. To do this, try making long strokes along the upper wall of your vagina with a toy or your fingers until you hit your G-spot and feel pleasure build up inside of you. If you're new to squirting, don't worry! It can take some practice to get there but once you do (or if you already have!), enjoy all the wonderful sensations that come along with it! You'll no doubt be glad that you tried it out – just make sure to have plenty of towels handy so you don't make a mess!